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Offered in pintle ring, gooseneck, single wheel and dual wheel, this trailer meets the most heavy duty demands of hauling. It has maximum width and the length you need for your larger tractor, bulldozer or backhoe. This has quickly become one of our most popular trailers because of its durability and versatility.



Liberty Powder Coat

At Liberty Industries every trailer we manufacture includes a high quality Powder Coat finish. Powder Coat is a much higher quality coating than conventional liquid spray coatings. Powder coating provides superior corrosion protection, higher weatherability, longer gloss retention and high impact resistance, making it the longest lasting and most durable finish in the trailer industry.

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Color Options

  • Mirror Black (Standard)
  • Aluminum Gray Metallic
  • Standard Red
  • Regatta Blue
  • Implement Yellow
  • Implement Green

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